Improve Your Balance For Outstanding Performance
Improve Your Balance for Safe Performance The ALDA Balance Gear is a wearable device to improve your body balance with real-time evaluation and training guideline to reduce your chances of falling, thereby increasing your mobility, and improving life quality.

Alda Balance Gear is revolutionary wearable device that makes "Human Balance" measurement and training easy and available outside clinic environment. Being connected to any PC/NB , the light-weighted Alda Balance Gear enables senior people or stroked people to regain their personal balance control by wearing it on the back of their body. The report collected from the customized training program provides info to all clinic or academic institute how an unbalanced people behaves himself to regain Balance.

1. No burden for user
2. Efficient in operation
3. Measurement and training in one device
4. Real time data collection
5. Dynamic measurement and training
6. Low investment
7. Cost effective
8. Easy Operation & Storage
9. CSV data for Medicare analysis
10. Off site operation