Memory Foam Mattress

Item No. HC-MAT-MF
Product Name Memory Foam Mattress
Package Size 300*300*930mm
Color White
N.W. 11.5kg
G.W. 13.5kg
20’ Container QTY 310
40’ Container QTY HQ'726

1. memory foam technology mould to support person sleeping position and creating the perfect sleeping environment.
2. While also quickly conforming to your weight and position. 
3. Relieves pressure points and delivers welcome relief from the aches and pains of traditional mattresses.
4.Originally designed for NASA, this space-age foam cradles you in lucurious comfort.
5. Certipur-US certificate Foams.
6. Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
7. It meets the1632/1633 federal flammablity standards.

1. Foam core:3cm 50D  memory foam, 12cm 35D pu foam with cutting.
2. Inner cover: Glass fiber fabric.
3. Outer cover:280g knit double jacquard fabric, with non-slip fabric and zipper on the bottom.
4. Mattress size(mm):1950(L)X880(W)X150(H)